World Prayer Day for Woman 6 March 2020 “Rise! Take your mat and walk.” Writer country: Zimbabwe

The painting portrays people’s lives in the society. Whereby the top part background from right to left represents a transition from a dark difficult past as a nation to a more prosperous and promising future.

The bottom composition is more a display of love, healing and reconciliation as inspired by the story of John 5: 2-9a. The part with vegetation is representative of the potential economic productivity since the nation is an agricultural based economy.

Zimbabwe means ‘House of Stones’ and it is located in Southern Africa. It is a landlocked country that lies between the Limpopo River in the south and the mighty Zambezi River in the north.

Harare is the capital city and also the seat of government, while Bulawayo is the second largest city. The country has an estimated population of about 16 million people and 16 official languages. English, Shona and Ndebele are the most widely used.


Ons het Wereld Biddag vir Vroue gevier saam met die Westcliff dogters. Juffrou I. Visser het die geleentheid gelei met sang, agtergrond oor Zimbabwe en gebed.